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How and old and what kind of condition does my car need to be in?

Any year, any car, in any kind of condition. All types of vehicles are needed for various situations, and certain scenes or era’s.

How much will I get paid if my vehicle is chosen?

Every situation is different. From a being used in the background to being one of the main vehicles. All offers for your vehicle will be presented to you.

If my vehicle is chosen, do I have to accept the offer?

Absolutely not! Bottom line is it’s your car. All offers will be presented to you, with times/dates needed, and the pay. At that time you can choose to accept, decline, or counter offer.

Does my vehicle have to be a car?

No. All types of vehicles & motor cycles are needed. From an ambulance to a hearse to a helicopter. These companies need everything you can think of for their productions.

Who insures the vehicle while it’s being used?

While the vehicle is used in any type of production, the production company insures it. If they pick up the car from you, it is insured by them from the moment they take possession, until they bring it back to you. In some instances you will be asked to bring your vehicle to the location, and may even be asked to be an extra in the shot.

If I am asked to be an extra, will I get paid?

Yes! Both you and your car will get paid for the time you are there. So you can be famous as well!

How will I get paid?

The production company hiring your vehicle will be paying you, based on the agreement you strike with them. Most payments are made within 30 days of the use of your vehicle.

How do I add my vehicle to your database?

It’s easy! Just go to our registration page, upload your car’s information and pictures then subscribe to a listing package.

Are there any other hidden charges I will receive?

No! You will only get billed $29.99 yearly to list your vehicle and $10 more per vehicle, per year if you add multiple listings.

What if I don't want anyone else to drive my vehicle?

It’s your vehicle. You will always have the final say. On your vehicles description page you can list any requirements you would like. We will always present any offers to you though, for your final yes or no.

Do I have to bring my vehicle or can I have someone else bring it?

It’s always your decision how you get it there.

Will there ever be a case where the production company wants to purchase my vehicle?

Yes. In some cases they will need your vehicle for an extended period of time, and will make you an offer to purchase it. Again, that decision will always be left up to you.

What if I sell my vehicle?

At any point in time you can remove your vehicle from the database, so we don’t call you in error.